Spring Rolls9

Vermicelli, straw mushroom, vegetables, sweet chilli sauce. (4pc)

Tamarind Tofu9

Coriander, red onion, shallots, fresh herbs. (4pc)

Salt & Pepper Squid11

Cracked pepper, sea salt, chilli lime sauce.

Crispy Chicken Wings11

Lemongrass, garlic, tangy tamarind sauce.

Fish Goujons10

Young green rice, sri racha & lime mayo.

Duck & pork wontons11

Coriander, ginger, Thai spices, sweet chilli salsa. (4pc)

Chicken Satay11

Thai spices, peanut sauce, cucumber red onion salsa (4pc)

King Prawn Cutlets11

Crispy coconut strands, plum sauce. (3pc)

Curry Puffs10

Slow braised pork, turmeric, mild roasted chilli. (4pc)

Fresh Spring Rolls10

Prawn or tofu, mint, beansprouts, vermicelli. (4pc)

Tom Yum Soup12

Mushroom, lemongrass, galangal, Thai herbs.

Chicken or tofu coconut soup11

Coconut milk, mushroom, Thai herbs.

Chef's Appetiser Selection12

Mixed entree (4pc).


Chicken Satay11

With home-made peanut sauce & cucumber red onion salsa. (2pc)

Pork Skewers22

Marinated in coriander, pepper & garlic. (2pc)



Duck, Cashew & Mango Salad22

Tossed with chilli lime dressing.

Som Tum Salad16

Fresh green papaya, prawns, chilli, cherry tomato & peanuts.

Chicken Larb19

Poached ground chicken tossed with toasted rice & fresh Thai herbs.

Crying Tiger20

Seared grass fed rump tossed with fresh Thai herbs & chilli infused dressing.


Massamun Curry22

Coconut braised lamb with potato, peanuts & crispy shallots.

Yellow Curry20

Tender chicken thigh with potato, butternut & crispy shallots.

Green Curry20

Chicken or tofu with bamboo shoots, fresh vegetables, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf & sweet basil.

Red Curry20

Chicken or tofu with bamboo shoots, fresh vegetables, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf & sweet basil.

Panang Curry20

Braised beef or tofu with fresh vegetables, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf and crushed peanuts.

BBQ Duck Curry23

With pineapple, beans, rambutan, kaffir lime leaf & sweet basil.


Tom Yum Soup12

Prawn or tofu with mushroom, lemongrass, galanga & Thai herbs.

Tom Kar Soup11

Chicken or tofu with coconut, mushroom & Thai herbs.


Chicken Cashew Nuts21

With fresh vegetables, water chestnuts & mild roasted chilli paste. Also available with tofu

BBQ Duck Basil23

Chicken or tofu with coconut, mushroom & Thai herbs.

Black Pepper Tofu19

With sweet soy, asian greens & fried shallots.

Sweet & Sour Pork21

With cucumber, pineapple, tomato & fresh vegetables.

Stir Fried Beef20

With soy sauce, fresh vegetables, garlic & pepper.

Ginger Chicken20

With spring onion, mushroom & fresh vegetables.

BBQ Beef22

Chargrilled & marinated in soy, pepper & tamarind.

Garlic & Pepper Chicken20

With fresh vegetables & soy sauce.

Fresh Basil Chicken21

With fresh vegetables, bamboo shoots, onion & pepper.

Chilli Pepper Chicken21

With lemongrass & beans in red curry sauce.


Thai Fried Rice19

Chicken, beef, pork or tofu wok tossed with fresh vegetables, spring onion & pepper

Pad Thai Noodles19/23

Chicken, prawn or tofu with rice noodles, beansprouts, chives & crushed peanuts.

Drunken Noodles19/23

Chicken, prawn or tofu with rice noodles, sweet basil, bamboo shoots & crispy cabbage.


Tempura Fish22

With cashew nuts, topped with green apple slaw & kaffir lime leaf

Ginger Fish23

With spring onion, mushroom & fresh vegetables.

Sweet Basil Squid21

Wok tossed with pepper, fresh vegetables & bamboo shoots.

Fresh Oysters9/16

Served in the half shell with lime, green chilli & crispy shallots. (3pc or 6pc)

Garlic Prawns24

Wok seared with pepper & fresh vegetables.

Soft Shell Crab25

With pepper & beans in a rich panang sauce.


Lemon Steamed Snapper27

Whole fresh snapper with Thai herbs & pickled garlic

Spicy Fish27

Whole or filet, deep-fried and topped with spicy sauce & capsicum.

Flaming Chicken27

Tender baked whole chicken served flamed in brandy.

Sizzling Beef24

Marinated with fresh herbs, served on a sizzling hot plate.

Wok Seared Lamb24

With fresh watercress, red onion, green peppercorns & crispy shallots.

Soft Shell Crab25

Caramelised with tumeric, galanga & lemongrass

Sizzling Seafood27

Our chef’s combination of seafood, sauteed with fresh garlic, spring onion, mushroom & tamarind

Mango Chicken Red Curry27

With capsicum & tomato, served with roti bread and rice noodles


Thai Roti Bread4.5

Steamed Jasmine Rice2.5